the queen of country music

miss kitty wells, queen of country music, died today, age 92.  my grandma eaton had an old brown record-player and 2 albums that i remember playing:  sing-along with mitch and a kitty wells album.  i did some intricate chroreography to mitch’s “side by side” that included some real mean moves for ronna and me; and i listened to “it wasn’t god who made honky-tonk angels” from the kitty wells album.  while mulling that memory, wondering if there had been a jim reeves album, too, with a version of “the great speckled bird”, i realized that honky-tonk angels, great speckled bird (what a beautiful thought i am thinking) , and “i am thinking tonight of my blue eyes” are essentially the same tune, different lyrics.   i’ll never sort these memories out…   but i remember the kitty album, staring at the cover of her with her Large helmet-hair and listening to her twangy-country voice singing about cheating men…or was it something about a bird???   rip miss kitty…



2 thoughts on “the queen of country music

  1. Ronna

    I was wondering if you would remember I was with you, and of course you did,it’s like thanks for the memories, love you a bushel and a peck , happy trails cuz. Love you so much


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