happy independence day!

at the racetrack today it was around 3:30pm, the temperature near 100, when i noticed a large black cloudiness in the eastern sky.  5 minutes later, back in the first aid station watching the tv, the cameras on the backside of the track showed it was pouring down rain and we had none on the frontside!!  soon enough it began pelting our side, too, with small hail that sent people running for their cars.  it was a real gullywasher, but i forgot i’d left my car windows down until it had let up;  oddly, it was the passenger side that was soaked…drivers side merely damp.  however strange, it was welcome;  sonnystone didn’t get the downpour that the track did, but it was enough to brighten up any green that is still surviving.

i tried to take some pictures, but the ensuing humidity fogged my lens…

so i’m already in bed, watching the fireworks in DC on pbs, thinking about our country and independence.  i just wrote and deleted an entire paragraph that spoke my mind, but i can’t publish it…angry ubersensitive “patriots” would soon start with the name-calling…so much for freedom, huh?   but i do love fireworks displays and john phillip sousa, so there.

please, God, bless america…and thanks for the rain…

4 thoughts on “happy independence day!

    1. honestly, brenda! can’t discuss politics or religion anymore…got to watch my blood pressure… i expect that people will often disagree, but, but, but… anyway, it’s like vicki said…lord have mercy on us!!


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