r.i.p. andy g. (and guess my hair color)

okay, after coloring my hair red, i ran down and put in some blonde that turned it pink, then used another brighter lighter rinse that has left only the scalp pink…good thing i like hats, huh?  actually, it looks better now than it did before…which says a lot about how bad it looked…

i was saddened to see that andy griffith died.  we are big fans of his around here; not just casey, but even i have laughed again and again at barney, opie, the darlings, otis, aunt bea and our hero, andy taylor.   i’ll watch an old matlock once in a while and think of my mom, who always had a crush on mr. griffith.  he really takes me back to simpler times…and it seems fortuitous that i had just met and talked with the lady in the blue ridge mt. who had known andy’s grandfather and family, told me about the “real mayberry” and assured me that andy griffith and the folks who made that show were as nice as the people they pretended to be.

i’m ready for opening day at ellis park tomorrow.  at least i think i am…biggest day of the year and 100 degrees, i’ll just try to stay calm.  i’m thinking about making all of my bets at one time, soon after i get there, to avoid the looonng lines.  will also be taking my lunch!!   i’m talking some seriously long lines here, people.  so if you’re going out to the track, stay hydrated and go home before you fall down…

One thought on “r.i.p. andy g. (and guess my hair color)

  1. Sister

    Next time I’ll check your blog before I call. You answered all my questions (are you working on Wed., is your hair red, etc.). Maybe we’ll never have to talk to each other again . . .


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