>deep sigh<

oh, i miss everybody…it’s been hard to get back into Reality even though there’s plenty to be done…overThinking are me today…

just how the hell hot did it get here last week??  i have some seriously burned-up plants, unresponsive to my ministrations…whaa??  i’m not sure i could have stopped this even if i’d stayed home and loped around the house with a water-hose all day long…

it’s difficult to articulate how much i miss the jose’s without making it sound like i wish they lived closer…their life in nyc is a fine one and there would be nothing like it anyplace else, but sometimes i just wish i could get to them quicker…especially after 2 weeks with non-stop emma&olivia…

when we’re at disney, we are transformed.  i do Not think this has anything to do with God, but it does have a lot to do with Love…which may be the same thing.

i’m back at the track, setting up my office and gearing up for opening day 7/4.  i’m going to share the job this year and will hopefully get together soon with the lady who’ll be my partner.   it’s awfully hot still, so i hope they’re taking care of the horses.  weiner dog race try-outs are july 14-15;  the championships are july 21.  ostrich races are 7/28.    every sunday is dollar day;  ky lottery day is august 8;  gardenia stakes are 8/11;  ladies day is 8/25.  the final day of racing is labor day, 9/3.   (write this shit down…or just call me—i’d love to see you there)

i’m going to dye my hair red-ish…go ahead and try to talk me out of it, but you’ve only got till tomorrow morning.  i am appalled at how my hair looks in the wdw pictures…must be fixed.

i want to paint and carpet my entire downstairs before i get my piano…don’t talk to me about wood floors, you probably have a cleaning lady.

after asking 3-6 times, i still don’t know when melissa & girls are arriving.  i know it’s this week sometime…  when they get here we’ll have to get some more ice cream…and maybe a watermelon.


3 thoughts on “>deep sigh<

  1. Vicki

    Did I ever mention how very much I LOVE reading your news posts? You really are a talented writer and your family sounds amazing. I don’t have any grandchildren yet, reading about yours makes me smile…and a little bit jealous.Glad I finally reconnected with you after all these years:)…however, don’t really like Disney World. My son’s girlfriend thinks the place is” magical”, and can’t imagine why I”m not that crazy about it. Do like watermelon and ice cream though!


    1. you know, it looks like we have a lot in common—i love your house and your petite dogs—except for the queen and disney… i, too, am glad we’re “together again”…and thanks.


  2. Vicki

    Oh, forgot about the queen. You did make make me think twice about her. If I remember correctly, you always did make me think twice about some things.


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