let the fun begin…

we’re all here…the whole famn damily…ready to take The World…especially eliza belle who has mastered the zombie walk:

tomorrow is magic kingdom day and luncheon with the princesses at cinderella’s royal castle…you should appreciate that i made those reservations 6 months ago to the day ( the day after christmas).  i am my own travel agent, folks.

our first trip here was in 1983, a trip planned with the aid of library frommers and fodors.  we stayed at a holiday inn and only went to magic kingdom (epcot had opened just the fall before). we were here the first year they opened MGM (1990) and animal kingdom (1998).   our pictures of these vacations show us all growing up and now we’ve started with the grandkids.  i know we share this passion with millions, but we’ll start planning our next visit as we’re packing to go home.  some say it’s exhausting, but after 9 trips  we know how to do it all without breaking a sweat…and if this rain keeps some people at home, we’re fine with that…more room for us.

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