sleepover hangover

i gotta tell ya:  i’m worn out, exhausted, and just plain tired.  i’m also riddled with chiggars, dirty, and a little greasy.   But we had a great time!!

starting with supper…

followed by a hayride…

after donning pajamas, we roasted marshmallows for s’mores…


then to bed for some movies…

they were awake waaayyy tooo late and olivia bounced up this morning at 6:30am anyway…she’s like an alarm clock with no snooze button…

i haven’t even Begun to get ready for the trip…must do laundry, clean fridge, make arrangements for watering, pack, load up the car…you get it.  we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning as early as we can, so we’d like to get ‘er done today and Go To Bed Early Tonight… a nap would be nice, too.

2 thoughts on “sleepover hangover

  1. Lori Levi

    Sounds like you had a great time w/ your Grandbabies. I chuckled you put “donning” pajamas; I haven’t heard that word since nursing school. Be safe in your travels and give hugs & kisses to Melissa and the girls from Aunt Lori. 😉


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