i’m so exhausted…hotheat today…started out with at the garden walk in henderson with sis.  as usual, the gardens were inspirational (or not) but mostly very good.  we stopped down at central park for some bbq and blues, then i was off to the evansville riverfront to watch the airshow with the jrs. and sr.  after dinner at deerhead,  i gave the kids a short tutorial on “how to water the gardens”.  we’re still packing, but almost ready.  i talked to emma at length and she is as excited as i am!!

i’d better get some sleep…here’s the pics:

sister D
shrinerfest air show at evansville riverfront

we’ve got to get up early tomorrow…but not tooo early…  since melissa has our gps (shameshame) we’re going to use Maps…quaint, eh?   actually, my phone will guide us, but i’ll check its veracity with our old large-print atlas…

wouldn’t you just love to know where we’re going??  well, you know it involves emma magnolia, but it’s not a direct route…