after watering the garden this morning, i went to the mall and bought some new clothes…hats…etc.

there’s a new place called “sweet baby cheese” at the food court and it was absolutely abandoned the first time i went by…one person was standing at the cash register…no one at the counter.  later, when i was Ready to chow down, it was still abandoned, barren, deserted, and just plain forsaken, and the lady was still faithful as a little solder at the cash register…so i stopped in and dropped $3.50 on a “classic” velveeta on white bread.  excellent, very good…delicious with some pickles on the side.  and the  lonely lady working there at least had something to do for a few minutes.  i feel sorry for her… let’s all eat there the next time we’re at the mall..

5 more days and we’ll be in nyc…almost ready!!

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