confession of my obsession… (to vicki)

vicki asked an excellent question:  “what is this obsession with the queen?”

when i was 10 years old, i became infatuated with prince charles.  i saw his picture in the newspaper (he was cute back then), cut it out and began intense research into the royal family. reading every book i could lay my hands on about the queen and her predecessors,  i studied up on the whole of british history, and still retain quite a bit of it.  i collected everything British that i could find (made easier by the British Invasion), started a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings, wrote reports, practiced my accent…

it was my intention to marry prince charles, becoming the first american queen of england…

so i wrote a letter to HRH, asking him to be my pen-pal;  i remember i lied about my age and told him i was 12!!  dad mailed the letter for me and several weeks later i received a reply.  i have looked high and low for my scrapbook today (it’s here somewhere–i’ll dig it out in time for pc’s birthday) which contains the missive.   it is typed on buckingham palace stationary, signed by the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, stating: (from memory)  i have been commanded by Her Majesty The Queen to thank you for your letter in which you ask if HRH Prince Charles will correspond with you.  i have to explain that…blahblahblah, don’t remember how they actually turned me down, but i was Just Thrilled to have the letter. my crush went on for 3 or 4 years until i had a real boyfriend (and pc was never again as cute as he was that year i met him).

you might say he was my first love, so over the years, i’ve kept track of charles and his family, (i Do Not Like Di, almost got into a fight standing on line in the bathroom after watching the movie “the queen” and if i stand up to some brooklyn broad i’ll take you on, too, so let’s not discuss Her).  it’s been quite a soap opera, you must admit.  i know all the characters, if you ever want to catch up…

i’m pretty sure he would have married me if he’d only been allowed to be my pen-pal…

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