i Should be cleaning in preparation for my upcoming trip.  i Should be shopping for my upcoming trips.  i could be doing either, but i’d rather watch the Diamond Jubilee.  it’s my procrastination kicking in again… i’m going to be verry busy when this is finally over—also a bit let-down after all the excitement.

did you watch the concert this afternoon?  it was spectacular.  The Queen was looking lovely and buckingham palace makes a great li’l ole backdrop.  everybody is soo oold, now..>sigh<    speaking of old, it’s sad that prince philip is in the hospital.  did you know he’ll be 91 (ninety-one!) years old on saturday.  makes you wonder if they didn’t hospitalize the old codger just so someone could babysit him…

anyway, i’ll get on to something else tomorrow…or day-after-tomorrow for sure.

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