rummage, cars, bbq

we spent early morning schlepping around to a subdivision-full of rummage sales.  i bought a nice leather footstool for $3.50 just because…

i really like the saturday programming on wkyu and i am usually within earshot of a radio for “wait, wait, don’t tell me”, celtish music, barren river breakdown, and american routes music.  there’s a little break between that and “prairie home companion”, so we drove down to the river for the beginning of shrinerfest.  there was a bbq contest (mostly over by the time we got there) and a car show.  there were some really cool cars and trucks lining the riverfront… everything from old-tyme vehicles to a 2012 corvette with those cool bat-wing doors; way-fun station wagons to GTO’s.

every time we go to a car show we are nostalgic for the old 1949 truck that casey restored and we talk about doing that again… really, casey Does need a new hobby…

we picked up some fine bbq ribs and brought them home, just in time to tune to garrison keillor…

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