putting off the day (#8)

i rank with world-class procrastinators, using complex, deeply rooted avoidance techniques to build the tension required to finally get the job done at the verry last minute.  this morning i’ve merely been keeping my skills sharp, using simple techniques of reading, making a list of what i should Just Do, and reading some more…

i love my nook, especially for reading myself to sleep—it’s so much easier on my eyes.  i’ve always been a voracious reader, but since i’ve used the e-readers i can read twice as many books, as well as keep up with magazines.  (i no longer have to search through the ads in vanity fair to find the articles)

don’t you worry, though, that i’ve abandoned real books, the kind with spines and covers and presence on my bookshelf;  in fact, i’ve recently been on a book binge, buying used copies of poetry:  billy collins, mary oliver, wendell berry, t.s. eliot, walt whitman, frank o’hara, patti smith.  better world books, online, has a great selection and good service and i’m becoming a regular visitor.  i also picked up an old (not first edition) copy of Gone with the Wind at a rummage sale.  another sale netted me several books about lakota traditions and i bought an albion fellows bacon book at a library book sale.

i’ve got to get going…i can mark “blog” off my list now.   maybe i should start another list…then plan priorities over another cuppa coffee…  i’ll bet wendell berry’s poems will inspire me to get moving…

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