82 days—day 2

i’m headed out to play at a funeral this morning, and thinking of my dad’s funeral nearly 15 years ago to the day (donna keeps track of the dates).  it’s a service that i am always honored to play, but this time it’s for the father of the organist with whom i job-shared all those years ago, so i’m doubly honored.  her dad was something like my dad,  always telling jokes—the ones he told (at church) were clean, unlike many of my dad’s dirty jokes.  he had suffered a lot these last few months and i recognize the look of both relief and loss on the faces of his loved ones.  There seems to be some family drama, too, so i feel right at home.  a soloist will sing “our father” in b-flat, which would have been fine except the music is for the organ and i don’t have time to learn the pedal-stuff…it will all be beautiful—

i’m taking my wire cutters and will drop by the mausoleum to put the memorial day decorations on mom&dad’s spot…thinking of them and of all the folks who are grieving today.  Peace to all of us, every one…

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