the last day of school year 2011-2012, happy in the sad-kind-of-way, is now history.  well done, it’s cooked.  i have closed up the office completely, putting away everything from computers to band-aids,  turned in my keys and walkie-talkie, said adios to my amigos and now i’m ready for the best part of my job:  82 days of sabbatical with which i can do Whatever I Want.

on this summer’s agenda:  we’ll be driving to nyc via appalachia for emma’s kindergarten graduation 6/13;  she’ll return with us for an exciting week before we all (jrs, too) drive down to walt disney world (the jose’s are flying) for a week.  by the time we return, it will be darn near the fourth of july, so i’m headed back to the track.  i’m going to have a relief-nurse for the track this year and won’t be so tied down by it;  with no church-job either, we’re going to take some shorter trips, still unscheduled.

otherwise, i’m Free—Free to be you and Me.