full moon out tonight…

i spent a couple of hours with my dentist today…he isn’t much of a conversationalist:  “open”  “pull your chin up”.    no fun, really, but ibuprofen works fine.

the casey jrs are sans SUV since a drunken (alleged) driver plowed into the back of their escape while it was parked at the curb in front of their casa.  sadly, it is totaled.  2 days later, jessica’s grandma tempel passed away, so it’s been a rough week for them.  it’s all working out, though.  casey’s been picking michael up for work every morning so they’re able to take their time figuring out what to replace it with. (and work with the insurance, etc.)

casey got the hitch put on our caravan (with some help from jr) yesterday.  now i’ve got to plan our camping trips…spring break we’ll take our first foray…

weather’s been so spring-ish the last couple of days, but it rained and poured cold today.  the full moon looks a little water-logged through the clouds and we’ve got the fire back on, so i’m glad olivia helped me cut (in her case pull) some daffodils for inside.

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