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sunday at the zoo

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i’ve been mostly working out in the garden..(see my garden blog , )  but we went over to the zoo after church on sunday so that olivia could meet up with dora and diego.  despite their waayy-oversize craniums, olivia enjoyed them;  my pictures weren’t the best, however.  i like this one:

full moon out tonight…

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i spent a couple of hours with my dentist today…he isn’t much of a conversationalist:  “open”  “pull your chin up”.    no fun, really, but ibuprofen works fine.

the casey jrs are sans SUV since a drunken (alleged) driver plowed into the back of their escape while it was parked at the curb in front of their casa.  sadly, it is totaled.  2 days later, jessica’s grandma tempel passed away, so it’s been a rough week for them.  it’s all working out, though.  casey’s been picking michael up for work every morning so they’re able to take their time figuring out what to replace it with. (and work with the insurance, etc.)

casey got the hitch put on our caravan (with some help from jr) yesterday.  now i’ve got to plan our camping trips…spring break we’ll take our first foray…

weather’s been so spring-ish the last couple of days, but it rained and poured cold today.  the full moon looks a little water-logged through the clouds and we’ve got the fire back on, so i’m glad olivia helped me cut (in her case pull) some daffodils for inside.


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while i have been missing, i’ve been singing-along-with-sis, whining at the dentist’s office, avoiding housework by reading and cooking, and finally: riding the storm out…

sister D and i headlined at pinehaven on monday.  we’ve been doing this gig for–5? years–and it always lifts me up.  hearing, seeing the folks sing those old, familiar songs– even if they can’t see the songsheets– is such joy.

tuesday i met up with the Dental Team who were not such a joy.  more appointments to follow seems like deja’ vu, but a girl’s gotta chew.

i had a lot of coupons from the booksellers that would expire on leap-day, as well as a $15 off anything at jcp, so i was pressured into shopping on wednesday.  it seemed kismet-ic that dr. tabor’s new book had been released on 2/28, so i picked it up at half-price; also the gardener’s encyclopedia at 20% off bargain price.

thursday is a day i used to dread with such intensity…  it’s nice now to have more free time.  i read the tabor book in its entirety.  i like it better when he doesn’t work with simcha and knew most of the information in the book because i follow dr. tabor’s blog.  soo, i’m a little disappointed.  but i’m also reading “still life with murder”, a period piece with interesting characters, and just started a biography of george harrison (my favorite beatle).

friday the storms blew in and i got scared.  i hate that i’m so skittish when the winds blow…i wasn’t this phobic until the trees fell, even though i’ve been sitting-out nearby tornadoes all my life.  thank the Lord i’ve been kept safe,  but they used to confine themselves to spring…now it’s anytime.  nothing to do about it but weather it…

today is sunny and cold.  i’ve got to do some cleaning while i listen to npr…get the taxes filed and set up my voicemail.  it’s only 17 days till spring…time to get out the  Easter decorations.  let’s have an egg hunt!!??

better get back to work…

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