back already?

good to see you!  as i’ve floated along with the circumstantial changes in my life, i’ve learned a few successful coping mechanisms.    instead of trying to control the situation or the person, i control what i can:  my furniture arrangements…    so successfully has this worked, that i have way too much furniture, but an infinite number of ways to use it.  so it was that i bought a new table for the office/eating/other room.

but it reallly started back in july when i had to move the couch into the air-conditioned part of the house…i searched all the antique malls and shops with a frugal eye for a pedestal table, finally deciding on one up at haubstadt…alas! when i went to buy, it was gone.  taking that for a sign (and all the other tables being more than i wanted to spend) i went ahead and bought a $90 oval tavern table with drop leaves.  i never liked it…   just before christmas i was up at haubstadt and saw the pedestal again…the very same one with 4 chairs added and the price jacked up $75.00.  i didn’t want the chairs, so offered the owner a fair amount for the table, but she declined.  another sign, i thought sadly.’

last friday i cruised by riverside antiques and found the lovely table you see pictured (with 2 rickety chairs that i put upstairs) for half the cost of the “one that got away” and in better shape, too!!   another sign, i thought happily.

and the tavern table has a new, better spot, too.  Control is Mine, sayeth the housekeeper-jo.

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