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nothin’ to it, ya know?  add just one (1) and what’s the difference…really?  i’ve been doin’ it for years now…one more and grateful for it…glad to have my health…there’s a little bitta sag goin’ on, but i look goood for my age…lotsa people would want to be in my shape (i see them at walmart driving the little scooters)…wouldn’t change a thing…glad to be so Wise…doesn’t Bother me AT ALL…


sunday, february 19, 2012

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i bought a cd today.  yes, i went out to best buy to check out a new computer and ended up buying a cd.  oh, i know i could have downloaded it to itunes—or even borrowed it from the library, if i were inclined to do that sort of thing–but i bought a cd, $12.99,including cover and insert with lyrics.

it was not an entirely spontaneous act; i had written down the names of several recommendations from npr.  but i bought it and popped it into the cd player of the sedan and it suddenly dawned on me that i haven’t actually bought a cd in…years.  it’s all itunes and ipods and youtube and sirius radio.  just last year i put away the stereo, put it upstairs right beside my record player, on top of the vinyls.  i’d moved the hundreds of cds into a dish cabinet and didn’t even put them into alphabetical order by genre!!!   what alien has possessed me???

flash back to those record albums stacked upstairs, still in some semblance of order, though they were used as a cat-scratch several cats ago and no longer are appropriate for the front room.  when i converted to cd i made every effort to replace and enhance that collection, but most of my cds were “new”.    hundreds of songs that i heard for the first time…listening for what would connect me to the music, whether a chord or a word…and hearing it, listened again and again until now those songs can transport me to where i first heard it, first understood it and to the time that i listened over and over.

i must admit, it’s much more convenient to download and carry your music with you; and if i didn’t have sirius radio i’d be hopelessly out of touch.   i know that the covers are a hassle to store. but they’re sooo cool and you know you love the lyrics.  so i bowed to my younger self, who wants to sit between the speakers and hear something from bottom to top for the First Time.

in order to put the universe back into balance, i brought down my old stereo.  yes, the sony 5-disc changer with the Real Speakers.  i dusted it off,  hooked it up and popped in the cd…

tedeschi-trucks band…revelator.  listen to it…

back already?

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good to see you!  as i’ve floated along with the circumstantial changes in my life, i’ve learned a few successful coping mechanisms.    instead of trying to control the situation or the person, i control what i can:  my furniture arrangements…    so successfully has this worked, that i have way too much furniture, but an infinite number of ways to use it.  so it was that i bought a new table for the office/eating/other room.

but it reallly started back in july when i had to move the couch into the air-conditioned part of the house…i searched all the antique malls and shops with a frugal eye for a pedestal table, finally deciding on one up at haubstadt…alas! when i went to buy, it was gone.  taking that for a sign (and all the other tables being more than i wanted to spend) i went ahead and bought a $90 oval tavern table with drop leaves.  i never liked it…   just before christmas i was up at haubstadt and saw the pedestal again…the very same one with 4 chairs added and the price jacked up $75.00.  i didn’t want the chairs, so offered the owner a fair amount for the table, but she declined.  another sign, i thought sadly.’

last friday i cruised by riverside antiques and found the lovely table you see pictured (with 2 rickety chairs that i put upstairs) for half the cost of the “one that got away” and in better shape, too!!   another sign, i thought happily.

and the tavern table has a new, better spot, too.  Control is Mine, sayeth the housekeeper-jo.

farewell to facebook

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not really, but sort of…

i’ve been writing an ever-evolving blog since 2004, inspired by my daughter’s original rightmoon? blog.   i love to write and i love taking pictures, so i’ve stuck with it even though at times i had about 3 faithful readers…

posting to facebook greatly increased my readership, naturally, and I do love that many facebook friends have checked in at The News.  however, i’ll not be linking with facebook every time i post.  i hope you’ll check in with me anyway…you can either subscribe or bookmark me!!  it’s


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