mlk holiday

i don’t have anything too terribly pithy to write about rev. king, but have spent a bit of time today reading some of his memorable, motivating words.  i was a high school senior before our schools were actually integrated and the 90-some-odd african-americans who were bussed to harrison walked out in protest when administrators refused to have a martin luther king, jr. assembly.  ultimately, they got their assembly.   now we all have a day to celebrate a Great man whose message and example still resonates within those of us who believe we are more the same than different.

although….i can’t believe i’m already so sick of politics, debates, primaries and the general ugliness of our system.    it’s difficult to find a true person out there, isn’t it?  for certain, skin color is no indication of anything…

tomorrow i’m starting piano lessons with 3 of the pastor’s kids.  i’ve been reviewing chords and scales and i’ll probably learn as much as they do!

i’ll spare you the details, but i have definitely been binging without purging this week-end…i hope i can still walk by the time i make it to the Y…

have a great week…

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