the 5-minute post…

first week of 2012 has flown by…. it’s been so spring-ish-esque that the daffodils are trying to raise up, but winter should be returning soon.  at school the kids managed to fall in every kind of muddy place they could find and i was challenged to find them dry, clean clothes to wear—so most of them walked around in their gym clothes after lunch recess.

like every obese amurrican, i’ve trimmed back my calories and started walking 3x weekly…i’ll have to join the Y as usual since i spend too much $$ when i walk the mall…

i Love my nook tablet, but i’m reading a Real book that i received from my daughter:  Then Again by diane keaton.  since daughter stole 2 books she had given me earlier, i figured i’d better get this one read before she returns.

we’re planning our WDW trip for late June and that’s the bright spot that will shine through any dark winter days…and they will be here, you know.

time’s up…

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