3 days, filled to the brim and spilling over

3pm thursday…the jose’ family arrives to complete our circle.  we opened up some presents and had a big lasagna with garlic bread.  the fun had begun…

emma and olivia
emma, eric, eliza and melissa

on friday, we continued our tradition, welcoming steffanie and ray motz, kristi and marvin guilfoyle to feast with us.  kristi brought her grandchildren, sophie and silas, and the kids had fun and music.

eric, eliza, ray and sophie
do those phone games twist kids' faces?
kristi and silas at the piano, sophie, eliza and eric
kristi, melissa, steffanie

saturday, the sweetest twins ever, fiona (with eric) and archer (on his mom jesska’s lap) swooped in and charmed the crowd.

at the same time, my lovely nieces, lauren and ali, graced us with their presence and that of their kids.  more fun and music…

briley, eliza, berkeley
alex holding eliza, berkeley, lauren, ali
sammy and ben

after church today, the kids packed and loaded up the car (while i slept it off on the couch with eliza), driving off at around 1:30p.  just before they left, we got some swing pictures.


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