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january monthly report

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at work, each month i have to send in a report that tabulates 4 things:  how many times did i administer first aid?  how many medicines did i give?  how many times did i treat kids who had an illness?  how about all those “other” things i did?  then, i have to report how many phone calls i made…

i keep a daily log, but it’s always a revelation when i tally things up at the end of the month.  i’m impressed at the amount of work i’ve done…usually…butbutbut, what about all those “other” things i did.  and God only knows how many phone calls i actually made/answered—(in case my boss is reading this, i am sure i’m reporting accurately).

so if i’m able to give a report about this last month’s personal activities, i’d say:  more “other” than anything, but not too many phone calls.  me and the telephone broke up years ago, and even though we’ve forged an amicable divorce, i just don’t use it much anymore.  …but You can call Me anytime…

mlk holiday

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i don’t have anything too terribly pithy to write about rev. king, but have spent a bit of time today reading some of his memorable, motivating words.  i was a high school senior before our schools were actually integrated and the 90-some-odd african-americans who were bussed to harrison walked out in protest when administrators refused to have a martin luther king, jr. assembly.  ultimately, they got their assembly.   now we all have a day to celebrate a Great man whose message and example still resonates within those of us who believe we are more the same than different.

although….i can’t believe i’m already so sick of politics, debates, primaries and the general ugliness of our system.    it’s difficult to find a true person out there, isn’t it?  for certain, skin color is no indication of anything…

tomorrow i’m starting piano lessons with 3 of the pastor’s kids.  i’ve been reviewing chords and scales and i’ll probably learn as much as they do!

i’ll spare you the details, but i have definitely been binging without purging this week-end…i hope i can still walk by the time i make it to the Y…

have a great week…

the 5-minute post…

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first week of 2012 has flown by…. it’s been so spring-ish-esque that the daffodils are trying to raise up, but winter should be returning soon.  at school the kids managed to fall in every kind of muddy place they could find and i was challenged to find them dry, clean clothes to wear—so most of them walked around in their gym clothes after lunch recess.

like every obese amurrican, i’ve trimmed back my calories and started walking 3x weekly…i’ll have to join the Y as usual since i spend too much $$ when i walk the mall…

i Love my nook tablet, but i’m reading a Real book that i received from my daughter:  Then Again by diane keaton.  since daughter stole 2 books she had given me earlier, i figured i’d better get this one read before she returns.

we’re planning our WDW trip for late June and that’s the bright spot that will shine through any dark winter days…and they will be here, you know.

time’s up…

3 days, filled to the brim and spilling over

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3pm thursday…the jose’ family arrives to complete our circle.  we opened up some presents and had a big lasagna with garlic bread.  the fun had begun…

emma and olivia

emma, eric, eliza and melissa

on friday, we continued our tradition, welcoming steffanie and ray motz, kristi and marvin guilfoyle to feast with us.  kristi brought her grandchildren, sophie and silas, and the kids had fun and music.

eric, eliza, ray and sophie

do those phone games twist kids' faces?

kristi and silas at the piano, sophie, eliza and eric

kristi, melissa, steffanie

saturday, the sweetest twins ever, fiona (with eric) and archer (on his mom jesska’s lap) swooped in and charmed the crowd.

at the same time, my lovely nieces, lauren and ali, graced us with their presence and that of their kids.  more fun and music…

briley, eliza, berkeley

alex holding eliza, berkeley, lauren, ali


sammy and ben

after church today, the kids packed and loaded up the car (while i slept it off on the couch with eliza), driving off at around 1:30p.  just before they left, we got some swing pictures.


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