christmas at sonnystone

the casey jrs were here for dinner on Christmas Eve—roast beast, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans and giant crescent rolls—and olivia opened her presents from us.

after stuffing and opening, we headed over to barnes&noble to redeem some coupons i had… i was driving michael, jess, and olivia and didn’t really look behind me as i backed out of the garage.   i crashed into michael’s driver-side door, crunching my back bumper, as well.  geesh.   casey came out and shook his head, pronouncing that i’d done an excellent job of using up our automobile insurance deductible….   these accidents happen so quickly, i was just stunned by my stupidity.   but we soldiered on after casey wired my bumper back up (it pays to have a touch of trash in your blood), and i managed to get my new nook tablet!!!   i’ve felt so guilty about the money drain that i just opened it and started charging it about an hour ago, though.

every year casey and i agree to not buy each other gifts.  every year i believe him…i Really do.  he’s very convincing, but every year he sneaks in a gift.   the kids say i should Know that he’s going to renege on the promise, but i’m Serious—he Agreed to No Gifts…  well, at least i keep my part of the bargain >sigh<   this year, he really was sweet:  he found a new Mr&Mrs Claus for my collection.  i’d prowled every antique store around without success, but he managed to find a pair in a bowl up at haubstadt.  they’re plastic with round bottoms, so he made a little board for them to sit up on.  well-worn, they are a beautiful addition to the mantel display.

it’s been a great season up at church, too.  the choir and handbells added so much to our liturgy and you could feel the Spirit throughout our services.

so we move into the post-christmas festivities, awaiting the arrival of the jose’ family so we can repeat the gift-giving and stomach-stuffing….stay tuned for details.

truly hoping that your Christmas was as joyous as ours.

One thought on “christmas at sonnystone

  1. La

    If you have time for me to sneak over and see them, just let me know. I am without the babies til Friday and can pop over anytime. If they are staying til Sat, the girls would love to see them, too. 🙂 If you want them all to yourself as well, that is okay….I sure understand. 🙂 Love!!


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