christmas at sonnystone

the casey jrs were here for dinner on Christmas Eve—roast beast, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans and giant crescent rolls—and olivia opened her presents from us.

after stuffing and opening, we headed over to barnes&noble to redeem some coupons i had… i was driving michael, jess, and olivia and didn’t really look behind me as i backed out of the garage.   i crashed into michael’s driver-side door, crunching my back bumper, as well.  geesh.   casey came out and shook his head, pronouncing that i’d done an excellent job of using up our automobile insurance deductible….   these accidents happen so quickly, i was just stunned by my stupidity.   but we soldiered on after casey wired my bumper back up (it pays to have a touch of trash in your blood), and i managed to get my new nook tablet!!!   i’ve felt so guilty about the money drain that i just opened it and started charging it about an hour ago, though.

every year casey and i agree to not buy each other gifts.  every year i believe him…i Really do.  he’s very convincing, but every year he sneaks in a gift.   the kids say i should Know that he’s going to renege on the promise, but i’m Serious—he Agreed to No Gifts…  well, at least i keep my part of the bargain >sigh<   this year, he really was sweet:  he found a new Mr&Mrs Claus for my collection.  i’d prowled every antique store around without success, but he managed to find a pair in a bowl up at haubstadt.  they’re plastic with round bottoms, so he made a little board for them to sit up on.  well-worn, they are a beautiful addition to the mantel display.

it’s been a great season up at church, too.  the choir and handbells added so much to our liturgy and you could feel the Spirit throughout our services.

so we move into the post-christmas festivities, awaiting the arrival of the jose’ family so we can repeat the gift-giving and stomach-stuffing….stay tuned for details.

truly hoping that your Christmas was as joyous as ours.

christmas in nyc

in case you hadn’t noticed, this last visit to the jose’ casa was the Best Yet…Emma and Eliza, Eric and Melissa are all i need for a good time, but with the addition of St. Joseph School’s Christmas program, 4th row seats to Patti and Mandy (eye-contact, i’m tellin’ ya), the rockettes and the Real santa claus, my cup runs over…

so i got back home thursday afternoon, napped, cleaned up and made it up to darmstadt for choir practice…Thud back into Reality…  but it Really was a Great Trip…  Thanks, New York!  Gracias, Jose’ Family!  See you soon!


it’s melissa’s 37th birthday—how can that be?  where has the time gone?  wasn’t it just yesterday that she was eliza’s age?  and why is she older than me, anyway???

we’re headed to the show shortly, so i don’t have time to craft the perfect tribute.   if you know me well, you know how it is with us, anyway.  so here’s a toast to the gal who amazes and awes me…i love you more than words can say.   happy happy happy always and forever.

on my way

i’m leaving right now for nashville and a noon flight to new york….it’s going to be quite a festive occasion in the Big City:  Melissa’s birthday is tomorrow and we’ll be celebrating at the Mandy Patinkin/Patti Lupone performance–premium seats via eric jose’, thank-you;  wednesday is emma’s school christmas program in the morning, radio city music hall christmas spectacular featuring the rockettes at five.   then i’ll fly back home thursday morning in time for the choir rehearsal and the final push through the season.

here’s some shots of last week:

3 kids at school baked me a scrumptious red velvet cake…it was delicious and even better as the thought and work that went into it is unusual in this age group….

erik, justice, and dru with my cake

erik, justice, and dru with my cake

olivia was actually in 2 christmas programs this week, first at pre-school, then at church, making her a veteran angel…

olvia's pre-school program

olivia's pre-school program

after the church program

i love christmas!!   hope you’re enjoying it, too!

go, go, go…

christmas, christmas, christmas….full of fun, occasionally frantic.   along with the usual all-out preparation that goes with putting up trees and lights, practicing multiple musical selections, and purchasing presents, we had a little head-lice problem at school.   actually, i never found nit one, but i had to check a bunch of adolescent scalps when there was a report of infestation by a parent.   then there was the “day of bad romance” when i had to calm the aching hearts of several teen-agers (mostly boys, believe it or not) and referee a little mean-girl dispute.  throughout it all, i managed to catch a little streptococcal bug right after slaying the rhinovirus.

but it’s all good…i’m feeling mostly back to human again…and we’re moving right along.