i became a rhinovirus carrier on an american airlines aircraft last sunday…while this little cold is only a self-limiting virus that lasts 7-10 days, it’s a booger…since i couldn’t miss work (too much to do), i’m a 1-woman infector…coughing, sneezing, and hacking my way through the week…i did spray down the office with lysol frequently, but i should have called in sick on wednesday…finally took off friday… sleeping and sweating seemed to help me over the hump and i was at least on my feet by saturday…

my grand-daughter, michael and jessica’s daughter, olivia mayne casey was baptised during trinity’s saturday service.  i am so…is proud the word?  it’s more like a heart-filling feeling of joy.

michael, olivia, pastor kieser, jessica

sunday i doped myself up and made it through a music-filled service, then came home and collapsed, morphing into a coughing invalid.

as we wind into the holidaze, i’m glad to get my cold out of the way…you know you have to catch one each year.