happy birthday, casey…

it’s not too late to whip up a quick tribute to my husband, casey dad grandpa casey.  today he crossed off 57 years and started #58—still not even close to catching up with me, just ambling along behind.

he’s my rock, my confidant, my lover and best friend (sorry, kids, about that l- part).  truly, i love him beyond words…  i’m so glad he was born, 11/30/54, and even happier that we are together.

give thanks

just back from our thanksgiving service…now we’re loading up the sedan and motoring down to nashville for some honky-tonkin’…  we’ll mosey on home tomorrow evening and start gearing up for the Christmas season.  (i recorded the Parade for future consumption–hope Santa has arrived safely in nyc.)  hope you all have a warm day filled with love.

The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you Peace.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

week-end wrap up #13

i became a rhinovirus carrier on an american airlines aircraft last sunday…while this little cold is only a self-limiting virus that lasts 7-10 days, it’s a booger…since i couldn’t miss work (too much to do), i’m a 1-woman infector…coughing, sneezing, and hacking my way through the week…i did spray down the office with lysol frequently, but i should have called in sick on wednesday…finally took off friday… sleeping and sweating seemed to help me over the hump and i was at least on my feet by saturday…

my grand-daughter, michael and jessica’s daughter, olivia mayne casey was baptised during trinity’s saturday service.  i am so…is proud the word?  it’s more like a heart-filling feeling of joy.

michael, olivia, pastor kieser, jessica

sunday i doped myself up and made it through a music-filled service, then came home and collapsed, morphing into a coughing invalid.

as we wind into the holidaze, i’m glad to get my cold out of the way…you know you have to catch one each year.


emma has today off of school and we’re headed over to Central Park via shake shak…it’s a little cool, but sunny and these kids keep me warm.  just hanging with daughter and the girls is enough for me, but wednesday we saw the revival of “rent” (free tickets) (mel, tito brian, friend sonya v and me) which added a little adultstuff to the venue.  i’m feeling sooo relaxed now. yeah, mellow in manhattan.

peace out, people…

all saints

the day that the catholic church celebrates the martyrs and official saints of the church was changed in the 700’s to coincide with the celtic celebration of samhain, a time when the border between the living and dead was especially porous and the spirits were believed to be able to come back and forth.  tomorrow is the feast of all souls, which honors the non-saintly christian dead.  our lutheran tradition teaches that all of us who are in christ are saints, and we honor all of those who have passed on, especially those who have died since this date last year.  i’m remembering aunt thelma and know she’s in a good place where i’ll see her again.  in mexico, this is the first day of the day of the dead;  the families party at the cemeteries, bringing food and flowers, decorating with loud, lovely colors and elaborate sugar skulls.  i’m fascinated by the pictures of the altars and rituals that are performed and hope someone is going to put up some pictures for me to peruse…

it was 9 years ago tomorrow that my mom died in her sleep, slipping peacefully between this world and the next.  oddly, it was 8 years ago tomorrow that my aunt bernie died, also in peace and without a whimper.  the shock of losing mom—she was fine the evening before, last words to me “love you, too, sweet-pea”– rocked me.  my words to my sister as we crawled up in the bed with her, holding her and crying, “nothing is ever going to be the same”.   and it isn’t.   i miss her every day.  aunt bernie was 100-years-old and it was no shock, but i still quote her and miss her, too.   i kinda wish we had parties to remember our loved ones….we’ll celebrate the day at church with appropriate hymns and prayers, so at least there’s that.

as you remember your loved ones who have passed on today, i believe they are remembering you, too.  at least that’s my hope.   now, go out and be saintly, saints…