pesto presto

my next music challenge is the city-wide Reformation service on 10/30. while i’m expecting my usual bout of stagefright, it doesn’t seem like it’s that big a deal—i got some great psalmody for the choir to sing with the handbell choir and we’ll do some hymn stanzas a capella.  there will be brass doing both the prelude and the postlude and the handbells will play the offertory, so all i have to do is accompany.   okay, so that’s a bit of new music, but hey…i’m a professional, aren’t i???

it’s immunization deadline time, folks…please keep up with the ammurrican peedeeactric ass. for their binding recommendations for your child’s schedule of inoculations…(listen to the 1%, they should know) and take advantage of the last year you’ll get them free here in indiana.

in order to reset my balance, i’m headed out to NYC on 11/8 till 11/13.  yes, taking time off of both jobs…  eliza is growing so fast and i need to hang out with her for a while.  emma and i are going to see the saturday matinee of Lion King and i’m planning on a cathartic cry during The Circle of Life and He Lives in You.  the usual good food, good friends, good walks and good talks that make me heart my daughter will surely restore my peace.

in the meantime, i made pesto…didn’t have much of a crop of basil left, but it was enough to share.  i put it in the ice trays and freeze it;  the cubes are just about right for soups or sauces, and easy to share.

you just put the basil, garlic, walnuts, shredded parmesan in the food processor and pour in enough olive oil to get it to the right consistency…oila!!

  hope you have a good week, folks!

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