the elusive week-end…

elusive, as in difficult to find or catch…or as in difficult to recall or remember??  well, both.  it just keeps flying by as we prepare for our new pastor’s installation.

the chicken supper pushed me off the dieting ledge and was well-worth it, especially the dumplings and desserts (Real cream-cheese icing on that carrot cake, thick).  i saw lots of old friends—hello, debbie and dave!–and to answer the burning questiong:  what do i do in my spare time?  i managed to change out the curtains in the room-that-has-no-name-but-functions-as-an-office-and-tv/eating-area….

saturday was my older, smaller sister donna’s birthday—one of those landmark birthdays that we’re rationalizing and trying to ignore.  but not ignore as in no presents…so we met up for a while on sunday to make the exchange and take some time to talk.  having a sister is such a blessing and i’ve got a good ‘un.   since she’s just 17-months older than me, i hate to see her age because i’m right behind her….

the pastor will be here to join us at choir rehearsal this thursday;  i think we’re about done changing the music, but i wouldn’t print that bulletin just yet…  i’m at about 90% immunization compliance at PH, so my work’s cut out for me there.   any spare time i find this week will be spent shopping for a new dress—must keep up appearances.

carry on…love is coming….to us all…


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