week-end wrap-up

maybe i should call it the week-end wrap-around, since there is not a stop in the action right now.  work, work, work and very challenging work at that.  in the last 2 weeks, we’ve had 5 jockeys fall, 3 sent to the hospital; 3 horses have had to be put down and that just gets me.  up at church, the pastor shared the date of his installation, sort of unofficially, in an email to non-essential personnel (me) and that offended some others.  i discovered that trinity is doing the city-wide reformation service this year and that’s good for a nervous breakdown.  half of the kids at school need to update their immunizations, so i’ve got to get out the letters and start making phone calls.  monday comes around way too quickly these days.

the best:  michael and his family are officially, fully moved in to their new home.  he’s starting his 2nd week at the state and jessica is now a full-time mom–the best career a woman can have.  olivia has her preschool orientation on tuesday at redeemer and i’m hoping to tag along with her and her mom.

there are still tomatoes on the vine, and i’ve got plenty of basil to harvest when i can find time to make pesto.  we’ve started to cut back the flowers, hydrangeas, hollys and such.  watering is a challenge, despite the soaker hoses.  i walked off and left one on for hours the other day and you should see my water bill…  oh, well, easy come easy go.

enjoy your week, folks!!

2 thoughts on “week-end wrap-up

  1. La

    Please have everyone out soon for a relaxing “hang-out”…..I miss Sonnystone. 😦 We can bring the food/drinks so all you have to do is “be”. Yes, I guess I am inviting us. Let me know when! 🙂


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