from behind

i rode in the ambulance last friday and it was a hoot.  i hate to stereotype my gender, but a girrll was driving the truck and she doesn’t like to get too close or go too fast on the dirt, so i’m going to ride again with a boyy this weekend.  for now, check this out….

and they're off

notice the horsemen hanging inside the stalls…

rounding the first turn

while i’m ready to see the season over, i’m still lovin’ this job…we had a busy week-end, especially saturday when 2 jockeys fell—one did a little rodeo-riding, going from left to right before he fell—and it’s amazing that they don’t get trampled.  in fact, it must be a machismo thing (even the girl jockeys)  since they rarely even let us look at them, just get up cussing and go on.  sounds like me…

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