week-end wrap-up

maybe i should call it the week-end wrap-around, since there is not a stop in the action right now.  work, work, work and very challenging work at that.  in the last 2 weeks, we’ve had 5 jockeys fall, 3 sent to the hospital; 3 horses have had to be put down and that just gets me.  up at church, the pastor shared the date of his installation, sort of unofficially, in an email to non-essential personnel (me) and that offended some others.  i discovered that trinity is doing the city-wide reformation service this year and that’s good for a nervous breakdown.  half of the kids at school need to update their immunizations, so i’ve got to get out the letters and start making phone calls.  monday comes around way too quickly these days.

the best:  michael and his family are officially, fully moved in to their new home.  he’s starting his 2nd week at the state and jessica is now a full-time mom–the best career a woman can have.  olivia has her preschool orientation on tuesday at redeemer and i’m hoping to tag along with her and her mom.

there are still tomatoes on the vine, and i’ve got plenty of basil to harvest when i can find time to make pesto.  we’ve started to cut back the flowers, hydrangeas, hollys and such.  watering is a challenge, despite the soaker hoses.  i walked off and left one on for hours the other day and you should see my water bill…  oh, well, easy come easy go.

enjoy your week, folks!!

from behind

i rode in the ambulance last friday and it was a hoot.  i hate to stereotype my gender, but a girrll was driving the truck and she doesn’t like to get too close or go too fast on the dirt, so i’m going to ride again with a boyy this weekend.  for now, check this out….

and they're off

notice the horsemen hanging inside the stalls…

rounding the first turn

while i’m ready to see the season over, i’m still lovin’ this job…we had a busy week-end, especially saturday when 2 jockeys fell—one did a little rodeo-riding, going from left to right before he fell—and it’s amazing that they don’t get trampled.  in fact, it must be a machismo thing (even the girl jockeys)  since they rarely even let us look at them, just get up cussing and go on.  sounds like me…

is it friday again?

last week at the track, it was not only the gardenia stakes, but also it was “horses and hope” day, raising the funds for breast cancer research.  that project is the pet of the ky first lady, so the security was serious…they frisked my partner before i got there to enjoy the show.  i had planned on riding in the ambulance to take some pictures, but i got a little afraid that something would happen while i was in there. sunday i saw more people than i have all season, so i was actually too busy to leave the station.   so i’m going to try again this week, hopefully tomorrow when things are reallly sloow. 

everyone wore pink for the ladies

the ambulance follows the horses around the track, only on the dirt, to give immediate attention to any jockey that happens to fall…(more common than i had thought—we’ve had 5 this season with only 2 serious injuries).  they get a unique view of the race, to say the least, and i hope i snap some decent pics.  i have to say how great it is to work with these paramedics…they are great at their jobs and fun to work with. 

happy anniversary to us

still married after all these years…through the happy and the sad, the exciting and the boring, the easy days and the difficult nights,  we’ve melded our minds into a working partnership of supportive independence.   

31 years later, he’s still my hero.  i think i’ll stick around…

we bought this down at cadiz the other day

bts and other stuff

many important “projects” are coming together right now:   today we closed on the rental house for the casey,jrs and we’ll be moving most of their furniture in this week-end.  boy-child reports for duty at INDOT on 8/22 and jessica’s last day on her job is 8/26.  good timing, eh?  while you can imagine how thrilled i am to have olivia living nearby, you may not be able to imagine how tired i am from working on 2 houses at a time…though it’s mostly been the rental lately.  the roofers are supposed to swarm all over sonnystone at the end of the month (please)—i’m ready to get all this moving/fixing stuff completely finished and seeing the end in sight is invigorating.  

also inspiring:  pastor steve kieser has accepted our call to trinity!!  he and his family visited last week and we all fell in love with him, so i’m really pumped that he’s going to join us!!  i see the fruits of my faith that somewhere the right person was up for the challenge.   i think it probably will be september before they move (they live in iowa)—and i hope so, because that gives me time to finish up the track job and prepare some special music for his installation.  

i started back to school on monday, setting up my office and meeting parents at the 6th-grade orientation.  wednesday we started in earnest and it’s great to be back.  

the heat has eased enough to open the windows (in the evenings) and i’m finally moving around in the garden again.  i’ve pulled up the spent peppers and eggplant, harvested dozens of tomatoes…the early girls did not live up to their name, but they’re fruiting alongside the better boys.  can a person have too many tomatoes??  i think not.  get ready for the salads…

i figured i’d better catch y’all up before we head into the week-end.  the henderson bluegrass festival will be going on and the gardenia stakes will be the 9th race at ellis.  big-time.  sounds like some photo-ops to me.