it’s been such a sweaty week…again…  i’m a heavy perspirer—it pours like a fountain from the top of my head down my face and pops out of every pore below—but this season i may have set a record.  it requires no exertion on my part, but any activity increases the flow exponentially.  so it might not have been the best week to move furniture from the un-air-conditioned part of the house to the air-conditioned part…but it had to be done for the arrival of the nyc family.  here’s a before and after:


we moved the couch from the room above to the room below:


so we had to move the large desk into the room the couch came from:


books, cd’s, lamps, chairs, nicky-nacks, tv’s—everything had to be moved around and cleaned… and it’s a good thing, too, because we’re so excited to have eliza make her first visit to sonnystone…

we’ll all be together soon…for the first time in a year…and eliza will meet as many of our family and friends as possible, but i don’t plan on doing my usual cooking unless the humidity drops significantly.   i’ve got fixin’s for sandwiches, but we’ll mostly go out or carry in. 

so who wants to meet up with us?  you’re all welcome, just give one of us a call and let us know when you’re available.  we’ll be at the races for a while on sunday, otherwise no plans. 

i’m serious…ya’ll don’t want to miss this event…

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