while i appreciate the rain on behalf of the gardens, please can we stop with the torrential downpours…and that heat index of 110plus had me feeling quite old until i found out the dew points were above 80…yeah, buddy, you had to push your way through the humidity and that’s not just us mature adults.  last night our power went out during the first storm, so we grabbed some drink and went down to michael’s new place (power on there) to sit out the second storm…  very nice to have the alternate home when you need it. 

we’re trying to get some things done here at sonnystone before the arrival of the jose’ family around the 23rd…it involves electricity so last night delayed us, but tonight we’ll finish.   i’ve shopped at most antique stores in town for a table, and am headed back up to haubstadt to buy the first one i saw (isn’t that the way it goes?).  it’s typical that i’m buying more furniture while complaining that i need to get rid of some…hopefully the jrs can help me out…or another rummage sale might be in order…

…mark your calendars for the Visitors from NYC–i know you all want to squeeze those little baby legs!!  more details as they are available.

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