stunned, sickened, and sorry

okay, so it seems i’ve wasted a lot of time on…crap…    i’m disgusted……with myself for falling into the media vortex…..with our country for being so schizophrenic…no more tv for me…only nick,jr and weather… 

monday at the track went much, much better.  i worked with the supervisor of the paramedics and she was quite frank  about what is expected of me… turns out, it’s the cool, fun job i thought it would be.   as a result, i managed to make an extra $8.60 on bets,…..  better yet, word up to cousin lana and sister d:  i met fabio and he’s worth a drool or two…  

the casey jrs are in their new house, peeling wallpaper preparing to paint, while i watch olivia today.  we’re everywhere–inside, outside, in the shed, in the garden…i’m going to like having her live nearby. 


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