new job jitters

i’ve been over to the track the last 2 days, first meeting up with the old nurse, then re-arranging and stocking the office to suit myself.  it’s a basic first-aid station, situated adjacent to the paddock and jockey room.  very quaint—i’ll take some pictures today.  since i’ll have a paramedic with me, who brings his own cart of high-tech life-saving paraphanalia, i figured i’d specialize in band-aids and ice bags.  (sounds like my school job, huh?)  but i really don’t know what to expect.   with the ozone alert and the size of the expected crowds, there could be any number of calamities…  the emphasis of my bosses is on the jockeys, the kings of the races..  i’m not sure i’ve ever seen a jockey fall off of the horse at ellis, but i guess it happens.  i’m still responsible– though there’s an ambulance following on the track–but really just to do the paperwork.  I’m sure it will be fine and fun (i keep telling myself). 

last race is 4:40 and i’ll make a flying trip up to darmstadt to play the piano…at least i know what to expect there…


2 thoughts on “new job jitters

  1. Yvonne Mans

    Yes. Good luck, indeed, Jo! I know you’ll do great, whatever it is you will do! I’m glad this is not replacing the use of your talents at Trinity!!! At least I certainly hope not!!!!!


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