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it’s so quiet around here…no “good morning, jo-jo” …no help watering the garden… i’ve avoided most of the depressing thoughts (time goes by so quickly), but even the happy thoughts are tinged with sadness…

but it’s back to the track today (it IS friday isn’t it?) and next week i’ll need to report back to school…i’m practicing for my sunday-morning job and looking forward to meeting the potential-pastor in a couple of weeks.  the garden still needs water, the damaged roof(s) need to be fixed and there’s that whole other house to take care of…  but it still seems tooo quiet around here…


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it’s been such a sweaty week…again…  i’m a heavy perspirer—it pours like a fountain from the top of my head down my face and pops out of every pore below—but this season i may have set a record.  it requires no exertion on my part, but any activity increases the flow exponentially.  so it might not have been the best week to move furniture from the un-air-conditioned part of the house to the air-conditioned part…but it had to be done for the arrival of the nyc family.  here’s a before and after:


we moved the couch from the room above to the room below:


so we had to move the large desk into the room the couch came from:


books, cd’s, lamps, chairs, nicky-nacks, tv’s—everything had to be moved around and cleaned… and it’s a good thing, too, because we’re so excited to have eliza make her first visit to sonnystone…

we’ll all be together soon…for the first time in a year…and eliza will meet as many of our family and friends as possible, but i don’t plan on doing my usual cooking unless the humidity drops significantly.   i’ve got fixin’s for sandwiches, but we’ll mostly go out or carry in. 

so who wants to meet up with us?  you’re all welcome, just give one of us a call and let us know when you’re available.  we’ll be at the races for a while on sunday, otherwise no plans. 

i’m serious…ya’ll don’t want to miss this event…


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while i appreciate the rain on behalf of the gardens, please can we stop with the torrential downpours…and that heat index of 110plus had me feeling quite old until i found out the dew points were above 80…yeah, buddy, you had to push your way through the humidity and that’s not just us mature adults.  last night our power went out during the first storm, so we grabbed some drink and went down to michael’s new place (power on there) to sit out the second storm…  very nice to have the alternate home when you need it. 

we’re trying to get some things done here at sonnystone before the arrival of the jose’ family around the 23rd…it involves electricity so last night delayed us, but tonight we’ll finish.   i’ve shopped at most antique stores in town for a table, and am headed back up to haubstadt to buy the first one i saw (isn’t that the way it goes?).  it’s typical that i’m buying more furniture while complaining that i need to get rid of some…hopefully the jrs can help me out…or another rummage sale might be in order…

…mark your calendars for the Visitors from NYC–i know you all want to squeeze those little baby legs!!  more details as they are available.


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an old friend of ours, chuck thomas, died 6/25 up at IU med center and we went over to the funeral home last night to pay our respects… the video reminded us of how young and good-looking we all were…  ever since his wife, kristi, had called to tell me of chuck’s death, i’ve been reminiscing about those days…you know the ones…when we all just hung out together…harmonizing with the grateful dead…seriously debating things we forgot completely the next day…every bierstube, every fest, every week-end if not every day.  we played cards, rode motorcycles, watched luke and laura get married, fought over the atari and talked all night long.  it was college for us folks that didn’t go to college.  these friendships just gradually loosened, finally replaced by friends we made through our kids’ activities and our jobs.  in the last few years we’ve lost several of the players from the old monroe st. apartments:  beaver, wayne, randy, buzzard, carey— and those are just the ones i know of…    looking back, i’m grinning, though the reality was rather grim.  those friends, from that time,  make me smile…knowing that i wouldn’t change a thing.

time, time, time…see what’s become of me…

stunned, sickened, and sorry

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okay, so it seems i’ve wasted a lot of time on…crap…    i’m disgusted……with myself for falling into the media vortex…..with our country for being so schizophrenic…no more tv for me…only nick,jr and weather… 

monday at the track went much, much better.  i worked with the supervisor of the paramedics and she was quite frank  about what is expected of me… turns out, it’s the cool, fun job i thought it would be.   as a result, i managed to make an extra $8.60 on bets,…..  better yet, word up to cousin lana and sister d:  i met fabio and he’s worth a drool or two…  

the casey jrs are in their new house, peeling wallpaper preparing to paint, while i watch olivia today.  we’re everywhere–inside, outside, in the shed, in the garden…i’m going to like having her live nearby. 


happy 4th of july

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love this rain, but dread the humidity that’s going to smother us when the sun breaks through…

the reality of working at the track is that you actually have to work at the track…i feel like i’ve been being checked out by the older employees…  first day, didn’t set foot outside of the office…no one came in to be healed, either—pretty boring.  second day, not only did i get to go place some bets, but i had some customers–some patrons, an employee, and a jock.  gave me a good idea of how it works when there’s an accident… what will day 3 bring? 

hope you’re all enjoying your holiday!!   stay safe… and God bless America…

new job jitters

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i’ve been over to the track the last 2 days, first meeting up with the old nurse, then re-arranging and stocking the office to suit myself.  it’s a basic first-aid station, situated adjacent to the paddock and jockey room.  very quaint—i’ll take some pictures today.  since i’ll have a paramedic with me, who brings his own cart of high-tech life-saving paraphanalia, i figured i’d specialize in band-aids and ice bags.  (sounds like my school job, huh?)  but i really don’t know what to expect.   with the ozone alert and the size of the expected crowds, there could be any number of calamities…  the emphasis of my bosses is on the jockeys, the kings of the races..  i’m not sure i’ve ever seen a jockey fall off of the horse at ellis, but i guess it happens.  i’m still responsible– though there’s an ambulance following on the track–but really just to do the paperwork.  I’m sure it will be fine and fun (i keep telling myself). 

last race is 4:40 and i’ll make a flying trip up to darmstadt to play the piano…at least i know what to expect there…


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