day one (yesterday)

melissa is performing “cunning little vixen” this wednesday through saturday evenings with rehearsals monday and tuesday 12-5, and i came prepared to nanny extensively.  so it was a nice gesture for eric to take off yesterday so we could tour.  eric and i both enjoy just walking, and he’s able to maneuver the subway experience for me so we can cover more ground— we definitely racked up the miles, starting out here on the upper east and going through central park to the west side;  up to the shake shack for lunch, then onto the subway downtown to the high line urban garden to check out its newly-completed endpoint.  you can check pictures of our visit last year over at the gardening blog, june 2010, and i’ll be able to post more when i get home.  at the new end is a balloon park with a lot of inflatables, right beside a beer garden—i love this town!!   we walked from one end to the other (nearly) and eliza was good as gold while emma and i ate coconut popsicles and banana gelato and played in the water…

melissa’s rehearsal finished up early, so we met up with her down by lincoln center and had another good burger at pj clarkes, then headed on over to the new grassy playground by the center complex.  this time of year, nyc places pianos at various locations  around the city, inviting folks to take turns playing them….no surprise that i had to stop and play maple leaf rag, with an encore of spinning song (these are the only 2 songs i know by heart).   the crowd went wild, of course, and now i can say i’ve played at lincoln center…

today we’ll stay closer to home, but emma has her Irish Dancing Recital this evening, so the excitement continues….

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