let all the children boogie

i’ve been spending my evenings up at trinity for vacation bible school this week and had a great time teaching  “arky, arky” and the blues/rap “walking on water”…

but tonight we headed over to henderson to catch some of the w.c. handy blues fest,  groovin’ with the deanna bogart band…she plays a boogie-woogie piano, sings with a perfectly bluesy voice, and i so want to be her.  her style was diverse, covering regurgitation-type jazz as well as classic jazz and straight-up blues. 

as if that weren’t enough, she also plays sax…

her band was superb and they played for 90plus minutes, came back for an encore….every year i wish that evansville could put on a fest like henderson can:   the riverfront was crowded, but not too; kids were playing in the fountains and creating chalk drawings.  it’s free, bring your own lawn chair….just a good time.  still going on tomorrow, too, so check it out.

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