week-end wrap-up

oh, geez, i got panicked today…church starts at 10am and i started the prelude at 9:55 as usual…during some announcements, there was a sudden whoosh of wind that creaked the organ loft so strongly and longly that i wondered if it was an earthquake…i’m up there alone, so i looked down at the congregation for some validation that we were being attacked, but the pastor started right in with the confession…i know i’m a little, err, jumpy since weathering the last storm…but let me show you where i was when this whoosh whooshed:

i'm up in that hanging nest with heavy pipes on both sides

here’s the view from the organ bench:

the pastor was interrupted by the president of the congregation who advised there was a storm quickly coming on and we were all released to roll up our car windows…i was scared and after taking care of my sedan, i asked the pastor if it was okay for me to play the keyboard down in the sanctuary…of course, he agreed and we skipped all the service except for the Lord’s Supper and i played the hymns so fast that people had to stop and pant for breath…sorry, guys, but i was just keeping up with my heart rate.  seems that whoosh was about 65mph straight-line…i think it’s following me….everything cleared up and turned back to sticky sweaty by this afternoon…but i won’t have to water the garden for a couple of days.

i’ve got my tickets to nyc 6/19 to 6/24…i can hardly wait!! 

casey goes back to work tomorrow and i consider that my first real day of summer sabbatical.  i’ve got some plans, some goals, even some surprise goals planned. 


One thought on “week-end wrap-up

  1. sister

    I’ve never seen the inside of that church before – it’s beautiful! Bet you feel like G – A – W – D way up there in the rafters


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