day 2 (yesterday)

it was a full, hands-on grandma day yesterday–taking care of the kids while melissa rehearsed.  we just stayed home because i’m a little intimidated by the work it takes to maneuver both of them around…

after rehearsal, melissa ran home and we rolled out for the Irish Dance recital…you can check it out on the facebook to see emma.   she is in the youngest, start-up group.  each group got better and better and some of the older kids were competition winners, very good…  i love watching that kind of dancing.

you can bet that we ate some good food after–i had spinach pasta with sage-butter sauce…mmm.  if we didn’t do so much walking, i’d gain 10 pounds a day here!!


day one (yesterday)

melissa is performing “cunning little vixen” this wednesday through saturday evenings with rehearsals monday and tuesday 12-5, and i came prepared to nanny extensively.  so it was a nice gesture for eric to take off yesterday so we could tour.  eric and i both enjoy just walking, and he’s able to maneuver the subway experience for me so we can cover more ground— we definitely racked up the miles, starting out here on the upper east and going through central park to the west side;  up to the shake shack for lunch, then onto the subway downtown to the high line urban garden to check out its newly-completed endpoint.  you can check pictures of our visit last year over at the gardening blog, june 2010, and i’ll be able to post more when i get home.  at the new end is a balloon park with a lot of inflatables, right beside a beer garden—i love this town!!   we walked from one end to the other (nearly) and eliza was good as gold while emma and i ate coconut popsicles and banana gelato and played in the water…

melissa’s rehearsal finished up early, so we met up with her down by lincoln center and had another good burger at pj clarkes, then headed on over to the new grassy playground by the center complex.  this time of year, nyc places pianos at various locations  around the city, inviting folks to take turns playing them….no surprise that i had to stop and play maple leaf rag, with an encore of spinning song (these are the only 2 songs i know by heart).   the crowd went wild, of course, and now i can say i’ve played at lincoln center…

today we’ll stay closer to home, but emma has her Irish Dancing Recital this evening, so the excitement continues….

let all the children boogie

i’ve been spending my evenings up at trinity for vacation bible school this week and had a great time teaching  “arky, arky” and the blues/rap “walking on water”…

but tonight we headed over to henderson to catch some of the w.c. handy blues fest,  groovin’ with the deanna bogart band…she plays a boogie-woogie piano, sings with a perfectly bluesy voice, and i so want to be her.  her style was diverse, covering regurgitation-type jazz as well as classic jazz and straight-up blues. 

as if that weren’t enough, she also plays sax…

her band was superb and they played for 90plus minutes, came back for an encore….every year i wish that evansville could put on a fest like henderson can:   the riverfront was crowded, but not too; kids were playing in the fountains and creating chalk drawings.  it’s free, bring your own lawn chair….just a good time.  still going on tomorrow, too, so check it out.

some good, some not-so-much

well, it’s 63degrees and rainy today—a real drop from last week’s humid 90’s.  my absence from the blogs is due to a flurry of fix-it gardening, some power-shopping, and various appointments. 

the master gardeners’  tour de fleur was last week-end;  sister and i had a date saturday morning, but it was pouring rain during most of  our visits.  we took our umbrellas and enjoyed as much as we could, but it was kinda disappointing–especially since it stopped raining soon after we quit.  i had to work at one of the gardens for service hours on sunday, but donna and lennie went out and toured them in the sunshine that day.  there were some very inspiring gardens and i wish i could have taken pictures.   oh, well, here’s a fresh pic of my trellis garden:


now here’s some excitement:  the general manager of ellis park is an old friend from my dr. k days and i had told him about 10 years ago that i thought it would be fun to work at the track.  lo and behold, he called me last thursday and said their long-time nurse was retiring and would i like to work the season this year?  would i!!!  i’ll be working from post-time through the last race at 4:30, 10 weeks of fri-sat-sun, making very decent money, and doing not-much nurse-wise, leaving me time to flirt with the riders and horsemen…i hope!!!    my emotional connection with the track goes way back and was underscored when my ex-husband died over there 6 years ago (you’ll have to go back to the original sonnystone blog to read about that).   i still feel his presence whenever i’m there (though he never gives me any tips, dammit).  but i also think of my great-grandmother and mother, who squired us over there when we were kids;  my mom taking her grandkids out there every summer;  and of course, we celebrate michael’s birthday every year at the track.  i’m so excited to work there (and did i mention the $$ is decent). 

i’m looking for piano players to fill in on saturday evenings up at church for the season—i could/can make it there after the final race, but would rather not.  anybody?

i’m just about ready to pack for the NYC trip.  leaving sunday afternoon, coming back friday evening.  i can hardly wait to get my hands on eliza and my #1 emma.  i do need to get away for a while…

week-end wrap-up

oh, geez, i got panicked today…church starts at 10am and i started the prelude at 9:55 as usual…during some announcements, there was a sudden whoosh of wind that creaked the organ loft so strongly and longly that i wondered if it was an earthquake…i’m up there alone, so i looked down at the congregation for some validation that we were being attacked, but the pastor started right in with the confession…i know i’m a little, err, jumpy since weathering the last storm…but let me show you where i was when this whoosh whooshed:

i'm up in that hanging nest with heavy pipes on both sides

here’s the view from the organ bench:

the pastor was interrupted by the president of the congregation who advised there was a storm quickly coming on and we were all released to roll up our car windows…i was scared and after taking care of my sedan, i asked the pastor if it was okay for me to play the keyboard down in the sanctuary…of course, he agreed and we skipped all the service except for the Lord’s Supper and i played the hymns so fast that people had to stop and pant for breath…sorry, guys, but i was just keeping up with my heart rate.  seems that whoosh was about 65mph straight-line…i think it’s following me….everything cleared up and turned back to sticky sweaty by this afternoon…but i won’t have to water the garden for a couple of days.

i’ve got my tickets to nyc 6/19 to 6/24…i can hardly wait!! 

casey goes back to work tomorrow and i consider that my first real day of summer sabbatical.  i’ve got some plans, some goals, even some surprise goals planned. 


not quite, but almost

except for the fact that i forgot it was thursday and missed a vbs meeting, it’s been a very productive day.  you see, all the gardens are fine and happy…it was only the front (west) of the house that was affected by the storm.   much like facebook, where you can lurk all day, i know that a lot of people have been driving by the house…first looking at the damage, then marveling at how fast casey is clearing it away.  honestly, watching the man wears me out…i’ve had to take all his naps for him…

one week later

all that’s left is to actually drop the trees, and the tree guys that we called the day after the storm Promised they’d be out this week.  i’m in no hurry, though; in fact, i hope they wait and let us take a day off tomorrow.   and wink, the first one out of the room when we heard the trees falling, claims he never was afraid…