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good news…

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2011 at 8:02 pm

we found the rocking chair..!

we’re definitely making progress…here’s a view from 5/26:

here’s the way it looks today:

of course, i use the term “we” loosely–you can bet that casey will not stop until this is cleaned up.  i’m not safe with a chainsaw, but i can handle a lopper and a rake.   we’re hauling the branches down to the woods (where, surprise, there’s a whole bunch of trees down) and starting a new hedgerow.  it’s all okay…


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it’s been a tough several days…i’ve gone from dazed and confused to feeling trampled underfoot (tee-hee).  anyway, now i know what i’ll be doing with my summer:



 i feel the loss of those 2 trees acutely, but it’s so stupid to complain about it…manymany people have it a lot worse…still…i’m bummed.  definitely keeping busy, though. 


9 more days…

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will i make it?  will i be able to keep from strangling the little angels??  the kids are crazy, the teachers have given up, the magic crackers aren’t working anymore….Lord help us all….and send the sun back, while You’re at it…please…

Happy Birthday, Olivia!!

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we celebrated olivia’s 3rd birthday yesterday with presents and cake…

i love this little girl…she followed us around the yard all day…”what do’in?” at every step…using her “gawden tualls” and playing with “wocks”, helping grandpa fill the bird feeders, and watering the flowers before filling the watering cans with more “wocks” than i thought she could lift…happy happy every-day, olivia!!

olivia is here…

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olivia is in town this week-end to celebrate her 3rd birthday.  tonight she’s having a party with nana and papa at chuck e. cheese and tomorrow she’ll be back here at sonnystone to celebrate with us.   today she came by and helped with some gardening after the rain stopped…she brought her own gardening tools, but liked my little shovel best…and she had to have a hat like grandma’s while we did some digging…

i have to play the piano at church tonight, which severely cramped my derby-style.  i’m recording the pre-race and race and will pick up some maker’s on the way home, grab my hat and settle in to watch it like it’s live…  go #1, #2, #7, and #19….

snap out of it

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okay, people, ellis park will be open on friday for live simulcasting of the oaks, as well as wagering for the Big Horserace.  both the queen and i have been a little distracted, what with the wedding and all, but it’s time to start studying the field….  despite my poor past picks for the derby, i’m hopeful. 

i’m encouraged that ellis can open, but haven’t checked out churchill downs…hey, louisville friends, are we ready for the Run?  one of these years, i’m going to see it live and in person with a few pre-parties thrown in….

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