whassup with that week???

monday i had my routine dental check and he found a cavity…the air-conditioner-installers started work…the wind blew down another tree…complained…

tuesday the a/c guys cut the ceiling for the vents, spilling plaster so thick and gritty that it took 3 cleanings…rainy rain..saw pictures of nancy davis’s almost-flooded house and felt extremely guilty for complaining

wednesday the electricians found a glitch in their plans, but managed to stay on course and finish the job…raining rain… watched the footage of the tuscaloosa tornado and felt extremely guilty for complaining…

thursday had a challenging day at school and at choir practice…heard that my friends joe and angela, who live in tuscaloosa, are okay and felt extremely guilty for complaining…

friday:  The Royal Wedding…Sunshine…TGIF…no complaints…

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