trippin’ through holy week: easter sunday

i think “resurrection sunday”  a better name for this holy day, but a “resurrection bunny” would be difficult to market.  the central feast of the liturgical year, it’s the Big Day, peppered with enthusiastic “he is risen” dialogues and saturated with bright music. folks who haven’t gone to church all year haul out their good clothes, buy the kids some new shoes, and show up on easter.   the church was all gussied up like a wedding chapel. other than more music, the service is generally the same…centered around the lord’s supper.   when i arrived at church around 5am, it was pouring rain.  inside the sanctuary, the roof was leaking again and guys were placing buckets in a crooked line down the side aisles.  the pastor had taken great pains to use different hymns at each service, and i liked the early service choices best.  “awake, my heart with gladness” started us out well.  a chuch fella played trumpet; the bell choir played a couple of songs.  my prelude was  “low in the grave”, very fun to play.  despite the weather, there was a big crowd, many of whom stayed for breakfast after the service.  i got the sunday school kids to stand still and practice their song after their egg hunt…a major feat.  they sang a really cute song, “the stone was rolled away” during the offertory and did a great job (all 3 of them).  the choir sang during the second service, too.  i started to get reallyreally sleepy during the second sermon, but it was the better of the two, so i managed to stay focused.  after church, i felt a little sad and lot exhausted. 

we came back home to a chicken in the crockpot, not your traditional ham, but tasty nonetheless.  next week is going to seem like a vacation after the last 50 days.

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