i haven’t carried on too much lately about my great love for my great-nieces-and-nephews, but i’ll make up for it today.  they are:  alex(andra), ben, berkeley, briley, noah,and sam.  i love having them over to play and they seem to enjoy themselves, too.  olivia loves being carried around now, so a great time was had by all.  we had a cold, cloudy, wet, windy day, but managed to squeeze in the hunt after lunch. 

at first, it was every child for her/his self………….

soon, there was some group work….

then, there’s opening the eggs and counting…

somehow we ended up with more eggs than we hid…?? math?  we found one out in the trellis garden today, and i expect we’ll find more as time goes on.   it will sure bring back some wonderful memories when i spot a plastic egg filled with some smarties this fall….