next sunday starts the most intense music week of my year:  7 services, including 3 in one 12-hour period.  so, of course, my shoulder is painful and my fingers are numbly.  i’m going to get by the chiropractor this week….  

did you watch the “shut down the government” hysteria last week?  were you believing it was real for a moment or so, when you suddenly realized it’s just another show?  and then maybe you felt a little foolish  or scared, depending on what time of night it was?   i generally just read the news, and a brief watch of shouting heads sent me back to google for my info.  

we’ve gotten out all of the easter decorations in prep for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt this saturday at 12:15.  we’re going to have subway sandwiches, chips, cookies, some sort of syrupy drinks and whatever chocolate i can fit in.   the weather forcast is for rain and a high of 48!!!  i’m not sure i can get the force-field up in time to thwart this nasty turn, but i’ll try.  but hey, bring a hoodie and you’ll be fine.  it’s all about being together and i can hardly wait to see my greats.  olivia, too.   i realize there are people reading this who are saying…how rude, why doesn’t she invite me?…  well, you are invited…just let me know by thursday and i’d love to see you.