scenes from the sale

the Real Rummagers managed to spot the set-up going on last night, stopped and spent $85 before we even had it all outside.  they were the first ones here this morning and spent more—i told the lady i was going to start charging her rent.  everything went wonderfully, though, and we’re grateful for the lovely weather that drew the crowds.  it was non-stop till about 2pm and we’re down to a truck of stuff for sister’s charity and some old stuff casey’s passing on to a friend.  we got to see some old friends–laura, stephen, diana, pam, elaine and her crew.  boychild and his bride were here to help and olivia made some new friends.

louise and olivia
elaine, margaret, jessica

we sold the mustang—i’m missing her already…hope that guy knows her name is sally…  but i must be brave and think about disney… 

olivia will be back for one more quick visit tomorrow and then i’ve got a great list of garden chores to work on.  

i feel lighter…. 

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