ooh, i would make a terrible buddhist…i’m waayy too attached to my stuff.    poor husband has carried innumerable boxes of sh** downstairs, while i keep a pile of  “can’t sell” items that grows every time i walk through the room.  he’s got his own “collections”, but seems to be more willing than i to part with them.  (for now)  while we’re nowhere near being hoarders, we’ve accumulated many things over the years that we keep for no more reason than that we might use it/need it someday….you know, Some Day. 

i’ve tried to pretend that i’m moving, down-sizing, but i know there’s some space left up in the attic….sooo, i’ll schlepp it back upstairs for a while….

One thought on “attachment

  1. sister

    You’re not a hoarder. Those people have severe OCD. You’re under the category of “collector”. My husband’s in that category. They want to save everything because they think they might need it for later, and ‘later’ never comes.


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