week-end wrap-up

i’m up and back into the scrubs, headed to school to administer the magic crackers to the 20% of kids who believe.   8 more weeks…

we’ve nearly emptied the attic, preparing for this saturday’s rummage sale and clearing space for the new a/c.  stuff we’re not selling:  boxes and boxes of our kids’ mementos, carefully placed in manila envelopes and marked with the school-year;  2 boxes of my memories, dating back to 7th grade;  old linens, embroidered by grandmother mayne.   there’s plenty of junk, though. 

the weather has been nasty and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get in any big hurry to warm up, even by saturday, but this stuff will be on the porch and tagged and outta here by next sunday evening. 

oh, breaking news:  TLC at darmstadt formally hired me and i’m thrilled to stay on until they get things straightened out up there.  i’ve got to get some music planned for easter, my favorite church music holiday and am verry excited about the prospect. 

my seeds are sprouting and i’m determined to get them to the next stage…sweet william, basil, zucchini and yellow sqash are all showing their lovely limbs.  and the magnolia was undaunted by the snow…

One thought on “week-end wrap-up

  1. La

    Left u a message on your machine…we’d love to come to the egg hunt the Sat. before Easter…the girls are excited and can’t wait to see you!!! They have a soccer game at 11 that usually lasts 45 minutes and then we can be on our way….will that work??? What can we bring????


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