i stopped at boot city on the way up to michael’s on monday.  i’ve probably passed by the place a hundred times, coming and going, but this was my first visit.  right off, you should know that there’s more than boots there—clothes, sauces, blankets, and even wagon wheel furniture straight out of the trailer.  when i finally made my way back to the boot section, i followed the call of a particular size 7 pair….

positively emmylou--or spiderman

 i’m more than a little bit awed by the power of red cowgirl boots….


4 thoughts on “b-o-o-t-s

  1. have you ever seen footloose? (“did we learn nothing from footloose?”) that’s what them boots remind me of 😉

    also, nice emmylou tribute. i’m sorry that my kids have to miss out on a childhood filled with album covers…


  2. sister

    Hey! I’ve got a pair of red cowgirl boots, too! Why don’t we both wear them to our next nursing home gig – we would be so cute!


  3. thanks, donna, for absolutely killing my visual of myself as rockstar and replacing it with the picture of myself as aging nursing home entertainer and her look-alike sister dressed as cute cowgirls…. i gotta score some more charlie sheen…


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