week-end wrap-up

i was just plain sh@%**y after discovering last friday that i had planned the WRONG WEEK for spring break…we have next week off and all of my arrangements for getaway were for the following week.  i also felt quite stupid…   but nobody could be un-cheered by the weather on saturday:  sunshiney springlike 60’s with a warm wind…   we dropped all the un-done stuff in the house and fairly ran outside to uncover the perennials and pull out the over-wintered plants in the shed.  ahh…  

sunday after church i drove up to the haubstadt antique mall.  it has expanded, adding a lot of floor space for furniture, and i loved it even more.  however, the prices are still high–just like everything else.   i walk around those places and tell myself i can’t buy anything until i get rid of something, so i was inspired to spend the faux-spring-break-week going through the attic and really having a rummage sale this year.  don’t worry, i won’t be selling the family heirlooms, but i have so many things i’ve held on to that i’m starting to feel like a hoarder… 

i’m also thinking easter-egg hunt again this year…anybody on??  i haven’t had my little greats visit  in ages. 

took the camera out, but pictures aren’t up to my standards.  i’ll work on them…

the disaster in japan is heart-wrenching and i feel guilty complaining about my sorry little problems… so let’s all have a good week filled with friends and love.

One thought on “week-end wrap-up

  1. carol

    oh man that sucks about the weekend off – that would cause one heck of a tailspin for me 😦 i hope your ‘found week off’ somehow becomes wonderful and restful xoxo


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